Migrate a SBS 2003 to Standard 2008 64 Bit

I have a SBS 2003 server with SP2. I need to migrate it to 2008 Standard 64Bit.
There is no Exchange involved. I need some migration documentation.

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Even without Exchange (that just makes it easier), you can follow the approved Microsoft guide for migration:


There are tons of resources of people with their own guides, but this is sort of a screen cast of the process.  I thought it was excellent

Here are my personal thoughts on my first migration (you can obviously ignore the Exchange parts):

# After you create the answer file and stick it on a flash drive, you can start the installation using regular non-migration means (in my case, I used the Dell OpenManage CD to start the SBS 2008 installation). There's no real indication that you're doing a migration until you're quite a bit into the process. It doesn't really prompt you for a migration, it just starts doing it when it sees the answer file part of the way into the process
# After it detected the answer file and began doing the install, it said "this process may take 30 minutes or more" - it took 2.5 hours. Of note the machine I was installing on was a Dell PowerEdge T310 with 12 GB of RAM, a Xeon X3450 processor at 2.66 Ghz, and 7200 RPM drives
# the mailbox migration took 11.5 hours - going from a 3 Ghz Xeon something with 3 GB of RAM, and 7200 RPM drives to the aforementioned PowerEdge T310. Amazingly, it was only 44 mailboxes and 18 GB of data. I saw a reference to someone else who migrated 57 mailboxes with 50 GB of data in 3 hours 20 minutes.
splitrockitAuthor Commented:
I am migrating to a new 2008 Standard Server. Not SBS 2008 server.
Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/VirtualizationCommented:
Simplify Active Directory Administration

Administration of Active Directory does not have to be hard.  Too often what should be a simple task is made more difficult than it needs to be.The solution?  Hyena from SystemTools Software.  With ease-of-use as well as powerful importing and bulk updating capabilities.

How big is the network?  One thought and something I like is to just build a new domain and start from scratch.
splitrockitAuthor Commented:
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