Can Fortigate 100 communicate with SDSL modem to access internet?

Current Setup:-
Workstation --> switch --> fortigate 100 firewall --> ADSL modem = internet.

I wanted to invest on SDSL package but I'm not sure that Fortigate 100 can communicate with SDSL modem or not. ASDL modem use PPOE whereas SDSL use PPOA. I wan to replace ADSL modem with SDSL modem. Is there any info that i could obtain or anyone could guide? Thanks..
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Cris HannaCommented:
The 100A with the latest software release supports PPoA
I realize the URL indicates the fortigate 60 but when you open it, it says Fortigate 100a as well!
Of course you should verify with Fortinet that that your particular model and OS will support.
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