Sync Time between parent domain and child domain

Hi Experts,

I'm having a problem with sync time between parent domain and child domain.

How can I do to configure is well?

Check one of the many problems that I have because of this issue:

C:\Users\Administrator>repadmin /replsum
Replication Summary Start Time: 2010-04-16 14:30:47

Beginning data collection for replication summary, this may take awhile:

Source DSA          largest delta    fails/total %%   error
 CHLD01                    38m:09s    1 /   4   25  (1398) There is a time and/o
r date difference between the client and server.
 DC01                  04h:39m:41s    0 /   4    0

Destination DSA     largest delta    fails/total %%   error
 CHLD01                04h:39m:41s    0 /   4    0
 DC01                      38m:44s    1 /   4   25  (1398) There is a time and/o
r date difference between the client and server.

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abolinhasConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi mkline71,

This article fix my problem

Thanks for your help

Best regards
Mike KlineCommented:
How do you have time setup in your forest?  Do you have the PDC emulator in the root pointing to an external and/or reliable source then letting the windows time hierarchy take over from there?

Tigermatt has a great blog entry on how it should be setup

What do you get if you run   w32tm /monitor  | find /i "NTP:"


abolinhasAuthor Commented:
Check the output
C:\Users\Administrator> w32tm /monitor  | find /i "NTP:"
    NTP: +0.0000000s         RefID:  [0x00000000]
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Mike KlineCommented:
what about just w32tm /monitor

Do you have things setup like Matt outlined?
abolinhasAuthor Commented:
C:\Users\Administrator>w32tm /monitor
chld01.evora01.florasul.lan *** PDC ***[[fe80::8537:7804:3ad6:c900%11]:123]:
    ICMP: 0ms delay
    NTP: +0.0000000s offset from chld01.evora01.florasul.lan
        RefID: (unspecified / unsynchronized) [0x00000000]
        Stratum: 0

Reverse name resolution is best effort. It may not be
correct since RefID field in time packets differs across
NTP implementations and may not be using IP addresses.
abolinhasAuthor Commented:
I found this issue on server, if I do net time \\ /SET /YES the server sync the time with parent domain, but after one hour he unsynchronize again.

For example: When I Sync the time sync to 22:00:00 but after one hour or less he unsynchronize to 19:00:00.


André Bolinhas

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