Copy a directory on active hosts

Hi all,

I need to copy a directory on all the machines on a specific LAN (, but then again the IP are set via DHCP so I don't know what addresses are assigned at a given point in time.

Also, hosts are not up at the same time. Some of them run by night, others by day etc...

Therefore I want to write a script (batch or vbs) that would do the following :
ping all the available addresses from that subnet (from 1 to 254)
if the ping test is positive, checks if "destination path" doesn't exists and then copy "Source Dir" to \\192.168.0.x\C$\Path...
if the ping test is negative, puts the ip 192.168.0.x into a text file like retry.txt
then start from the top, but using the ips from the file retry.txt this time.

Then I'd run that script as a task, like every 12h, and in the long term all the hosts from that subnet would have their dirs updated.

Hope I am making sense ...

Thank you
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This seams a long way round, do I guess right that your intent is consealment from the userbase?

Have you considered using Robocopy from the local machines at startup/logon/logoff?

Or redirect folders from the local client machine to a server share?
Is this on a domain, if so why not setup Group Policy to run the copy script on logon and/or logoff of the user?

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I can help with the ping all IP's on the subnet and the out pu of who is up and down.  However, the retry list part seems like there will be room for error.  It might be better to add a txt file named with the current date  as a tag to the folder that is being copied.  Run the script multiple times throughout a 24 hour period and have a log generated as to the results.
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fletcher_lAuthor Commented:
That is proper thinking outside the box :D Thanks!
Hi fletcher,

Wsh should be the way to go, (not bothering with a ping I would do something like this, not tested):

set wshshell=wscript.createobject("")
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
on error resume next
n = 1
do unitil n = 255
'' you can write some funtion to ping but too lazy ... just checking path
if  FSO.FolderExists("\\192.168.0." & n &"\C$") then
if Not FSO.FolderExists("\\192.168.0." & n &"\C$\Path") then
FSO.CopyFolder "Source Dir", ("\\192.168.0." & n &"\C$\Path")TRUE
pcs = pcs & "192.168.0." & n & vbCrLf
end if
end if
n = n + 1

Set readfil = FSO.OpenTextFile("c:\retry.txt", 1, False)
do while readfil.AtEndofStream = False

if Not FSO.FolderExists("pc1 &"\C$\Path") then
FSO.CopyFolder "Source Dir", (pc1 &"\C$\Path")TRUE
pcs = pcs & "192.168.0." & n & vbCrLf
end if

FSO.DeleteFile "c:\retry.txt"
Set writefil = FSO.createTextFile("c:\retry.txt", False )


oops replace the second pcs = pcs & "192.168.0." & n & vbCrLf with pcs = pcs & pc1 & vbCrLf
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