Installing MSMQ on web servers

I have been requested to install MSMQ on our front end web servers.  Our developers have written their own error reporting module and have requested that we install MSMQ on all 6 front end web servers.

Is this really necessary?  Can I just install MSMQ to one central location, and have them send their emails through that one server?  Is it really necessary to install MSMQ on every machine that the application is running on?

All front end web servers are members of the same domain.

Microsoft's documentation on MSMQ I find not very clear on setting this up in the enterprise.

JWeb AdminAsked:
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Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:

You say your web servers are Domain members, not in DMZ ?
IF you are installing MSMQ with no routing support & the QUEUES are not necessarily transactional queues , I can foresee no issues except maybe 

- Set proper Antivirus exclusions for MSMQ ,which is basically everything under the below paths.


- Transactional queues can have High Disk Hit rate, we used to store the messages on a separate partition / physical disk to reduce impact on system drive, if you choose to do the same, make sure the messages partition is also excluded from your AV, if the queues are non transactional this is not an issue.

-Is there some authentication required / planned , if those servers are facing internet proper NTFS permissions need to be applied on the queues , perhaps Firewall filtering to block external access to queues, as well as any MSMQ supported authentication scheme if needed.

Finally the below MSMQ articles should have the needed info for the sysadmin to tweak / improve any possible performance issues related to MSMQ
also in MSMQ admin tool , the online help is invaluable

hope this helps

JWeb AdminAuthor Commented:
I wish everyone answered questions as thoroughly as you!  Thanks
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