VPN access at the airport

Why does VPN not work in some airports?  I have googled several phases and see that an SSL VPN server is needed some locations.  What does this mean?  Has there been recent change in regulations?
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as a workaround you could configure your VPN to work on a port other than 1723, which is the standard VPN port (PPTP). you will probably need 3rd party software to do this easily, like openvpn - http://openvpn.net/

i have never done this myself (at an airport i mean) so please let me know how you get on - it would be interesting to find out
are you using your own wifi (mobile broadband) connection or the airports wifi service?

if its the airport wifi service they might have blocked VPN use for some reason
jmarkh68Author Commented:
yep, that's what i figure.  I read an article about more restrictions (service fee aka tax).  I can't find it though.  VPN works fine everywhere else.
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