Issue with BG Info on Win2k8

Hey all, we set up two Win2k8 servers (one is R1 and the other is R2)...we also set up BG Info on it

We are having trouble getting BG Info to show the IP, I think it is becaused the NICs are teamed, we didnt have this issue on the win2k3 servers

Any ideas?
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dealstrikeAuthor Commented:
Figured it out...
I created a custom WMI query to get rid of (none). Go to your configuration file (*.bgi) and click on Custom... Click New... then click the WMI query and go to Browse You should get a popup for a MWI Query Selection box WMI Class: NetworkAdapterConfiguration, Class Property: IPAddress WMI Query: Select IPAddress FROM Win32_NetworkConfiguration where IPEnabled = 'True' Hit OK.  
Darius GhassemCommented:
I would unteam the NICs to see if this fixes your problems. I have had some weird issues with network teams on 2008 servers with certain NICs.
Have you updated the bginfo? I have an old version and it have problems with W2008.
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