Why can I ping a router but not be able to telnet to it.

I have a router that I can ping but cannot connect to either by telnet or ssh, anyone know why this would be.
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Check under "line vty 0 4" and "line vty 5 15" if telnet service are enabled.
Thy also this if you want to enable telnet:

conf t
line vty 0 15
transpot input telnet

If firewall is configured to router , additional configuration is required.
Please paste config so we can help you more

maybe there's a firewall between the router and your workstation, also, most routers allow the creation of "rules" to restrict the acces to administration services to a predefined ip/address or network interface
there could be a few reasons
1. Telnet/SSH is disabled on the router
2. The port is being blocked
3. It doesn't have the ability
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Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
Can you post the config of the router there may be a setting missing for your VTY lines or as mentioned an ACL that is stopping it.  What type of router is it.
agree with ccpic.. this will depend on the model of the hardware you're trying to telnet to..
what kind of router is this?
bryantcAuthor Commented:
I can't telnet to router to get the config.  It is in a remote location.  I'm not even sure what type of router it is.  That's why I was trying to connect to it so I could get this info.  I inherited a network with little to no documentation and I'm trying to put some together.  I was trying to telnet to this location sp I can get the config and do a sh ver to get type of router, the os and mem.
Can you connect to any other devices on that site?  Perhaps a remote desktop connectivity to a computer there and then try to telnet to the router?  maybe there is ACL that is preventing your network to reach the device via telnet or ssh.

If above is not an option, you may need someone on-site to help you...
If it isnt cisco, probably allows to manage it only from the LOCAL lan and not from outside

Try to remote desktop to a PC connected to remote site
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