Outlook synchronization filters not staying

I have one user using outlook 2003 and because they have a very large mailbox (4GB) I don't want their .ost file becoming corrupted.  I previously had them setup up filters in outlook's offlline folders to not sync files that were not needed.  This worked great for the past year, their OST file stayed at or below 1gb.  We upgraded our mail server.  We now have a new box running 2008r2 with exchange 2010.  All the filter settings are missing.  Even stranger, I go in and set a new filter, and then check it expecting to see the filter applied comment and I see nothing.  The filters are not staying.  This has become a critical issue as the user has to turn on cached exchange mode due to exchange 2010's really annoying throttling. (thanks MS! that feature SUCKS!)

Please help me find out why the filters will not apply to the folders.
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oncall4youAuthor Commented:
Ok update.  I discovered that if my send/recieve groups does not have the folder I am trying to filter selected it won't let me save my settings, and/or I have to apply certain filters.  For example - if I set a filter to recieved anytime, it won't save, but received between 1/1/1901 and 1/1 2015 it stays.  

So it gets tougher, I filtered a folder to not synchronize anything after 1/1/1901.  It worked!  It did not keep an offline copy.  The problem?  Now the contents are filtered and it won't show me the emails unless I remove the filter.

Derek Schauland (Microsoft MVP)IT ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried creating different send and receive groups for the folders you need and filtering them that way?  So the normal send receive group gets the inbox and a few other folders and another group might get one of the larger folders on a different schedule or only when requested?

What are you currently trying to accomplish when filtering messages?  Receiving less mail or more of a filtered view on the users machine?
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