Unable to accept meeting requests on Blackberry

Good Morning Experts,

I'm having an ongoing issue that is really testing my patience.

All of my users are unable to accept meeting requests from their Blackberry. (8330s, Storms, Bolds) When the accepting message fails I get a red x and a message status of The meeting may have been updated or deleted since this message was sent.

Exchange 2003 SP 2
CDO.dll version 6.5.7638.2 (both the same on exchange and bes server)
Office 2003 on users PCs

BES server shows this event ID when my request fails.
Blackberry Messaging Agent Event ID 20100
{bmalo@xxxxx.com} MAPIMailbox::ProcessResponseFromPager - SetCDOMeeting (0x80040108) failed
Blackberry Messaging Agent Event ID 20000
{bmalo@xxxxx.com} Send() failed: ERR_INVALID_DATA, Tag=1177815

Attempted fixes:

So far in my research i've done most testing with myself (the admin):

-I've updated the MAPICDO files on both exchange and BES
-I've updated BES to the version you see above.
-I've tried the work around stated in the below link
-I've removed the desktop sync service book and re-applied service books then removed all service books and re-applied them.
-I've removed myself from the bes, wiped my phone and reprovisioned the handheld. (i believe that's the correct term)
-i've restarted the server constantly in hopes of a lucky break where it works :)

Now i'm at the mercy of others because i'm absolutely stuck. Any comments would be greatly appreciated cause my brain is fried.

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monorail1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Three things to check:

#1. Update your CDO to the latest versions on both servers, 7638 is old and should be updated. Also make sure you have the latest DST patch (KB979306)

#2. Check the application eventvwr on your exchange server(s) - any issues related to cdo or mapi32?

#3. Look through the RIM KB and make sure all your permissions are correct - especially the Exchange permissions. Run an iemstest.exe from the utility or tools folder in your BES install from cmd, point it to a user and let me know if it passes or fails.

Enjoy :)

Meant to include note on link in item #1 - review that MSFT KB, granted it's for a specific issue (one I just had to fix) there are some updates to CDO that may work out for you. I don't remember if your 7638 is older or newer than the send-as permission change but I do remember the issue was post SP2. Something else you may want to look into. Also make sure users aren't part of any kind of admin groups.

SouthernDandyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply,

All eventvwr logs look clean on both exchange and bes. No problems with cdo or mapi32.
All permissions look correct and the test ran successfully for a handfull of users that are currently experiencing the problem.

Tonight I will look into #1 and update.

SouthernDandyAuthor Commented:
After procrastination and revisiting #1 and the link in #1 it has been resolved.

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