Why DHCP assign wrong DNS IP?

We have windows 2003 Domain/DHCP with a scope that all workstations get IP, however one wks get IP with a wrong ( DNS. When I renew the IP then the correct IP will show up. The attached documents shows when I run IPconfig command and IP config/all after I boot the station and then when I renew it IPCONFIG/Renew
There is nothing in host or lmhost and all UP setting is set automatically to obtain address from DHCP. On DHCP option everything seems to be correct and this station is the only one acting strange.
Thank you
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could it be possible, that you have more than one DHCP in you LAN? Sometimes (WiFi-)routers provide DHCP too. You can check with ipconfig /all from the command line, which DHCP-Server has assigned your IP to the client. So you can compare the adresses.
We also had trouble sometimes with onboard-NIC. On some mainboards they have no MAC-Adress. We could solve many issues by setting manually a MAC adress to the NIC (driver-settings).
Change2009Author Commented:
HI compugo
Sorry, the doc was not attached, here I am attaching it now. I am remotly conneted to the server and as far as I can tell it should not be any wifi in that office, and DHCP IP is the same with ipconfig/all command just DNS is changes when I reboot or over the night if no one touch the wks, next day the DNS is
It is starnge !
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
I would physically verify that there is no other routers or wifi access points attached to the LAN. It could save you a great deal of agro. in trying to sort this out.
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Try to uninstall the DHCP role and reinstall it, and while installing it reconfigure the DNS option by inserting the name of the DNS and let the wizard resolve the DNS ip then try if the problem persists.
Change2009Author Commented:
I am remotely connected to this office, I should be able to visit the site this week and update this you all. Thank you for being patient.
Change2009Author Commented:
Thank you All,
There was a linksys wireless on LAN.
Hope we all agree to point distribution.
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