Autoshapes (flowcharting) in MS Word 2003

I have been wondering how to add a "Y" or "N" to a decision in a flowchart. I can add the lines and text but I can't seem to find anywhere (including help) any information on how to put a "Y" or "N" on certain lines based on the decision made in a flowchart. The flowcharts are accessed by  INSERT>PICTURES>AUTOSHAPES.
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Try using a Text Box (Insert | Text Box) in the flowchart where you want a Y or N to appear.
PawloAAuthor Commented:
I tried the text box method but it puts an actual box and hides everything under the box.
PawloAAuthor Commented:
Here is before I added a text box

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PawloAAuthor Commented:
Here is after I added a text box. I only want the "Y" to appear
  • click inside the text box (i.e. where the Y is enter)
  • select Format | Tex Box...
  • change the Fill Color to No Fill
  • change the Line Color to No Line
  • click OK

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PawloAAuthor Commented:
Yes this worked although I must right click when the mouse is over the edge of the box and not in the test area so I will edit the box instead of the text font etc.
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