Export emails from Outlook 2000 to Thunderbird in Windows 7

I need to import emails from Outlook 2000 to Thunderbird under Windows 7.  However, in the export facility there is no list of email clients.  I cannot set Outlook as default email client as it is not listed in Internet Properties under default programs.

Any ideas

Roger Graham
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rogerfg7Author Commented:
Many thanks for your suggestions, but none are workable without having to try and install yet another MS program, with its no doubt inherent problems, to sort out what should be a built in function of any current operating system.  We will stick with Thunderbird and copy any emails that we need to keep.  Windows 7 must be a real market bonus for Apple.

sorry...other way arround... :)
see here...

however you will need Outlook express (W/7 has none).
So you can try virtual XP or do it from someone elses PC.
Easy way would be to select and forward them ...
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