Disaster Recovery Citrix Farm in different site

I have recieved the following query to make a DR for citrix farm. Here is the information I have recieved from customer

1> Custoemr has a building where there small data center exist. They have a small Citrix (Xen App) farm which consist of 15 server and they have  3 different applicaiton group (ERP applicaiton) where these all 15 citrix servers are distributed.

Now Customer want a DR site (separe bulding) and connected with WAN link. Also customer can afford only 6 servers for this DR site.

I have given these following suggesiton..

1> Make a separte databse server (1 server consumed from 6) and make a replication configured with existing database server.

2> Need a Addional domain controller in that site

3) Then make otehr 5 servers all citrix XenAp server.

4> Now in in current application folder(s)  add these DR site servers with exiting servers which are already in the mail bulding.

5> In DR sites servers configure scheduling load evaluator so that when main bulding servers are up no connection will be directed to the DR servers

6>Once the Main bulding servers are down or complete bulding network got down, from DR site we can remoe the "scheduling" load evaluator and make those serers up of the respective application.

7> For Licensing as we have 30 days grade period customer is ready to use that span of time to make main bulding network up.

These all I have given suggestion. But I know I may not given the best idea for that I have told my customer to provide me few days to review this configuration/.

Can any oe help me to provide the best idea for this requirement.


Thanks in advance
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This doesn't answer all of your questions, but the Datastore can be down indefinitely.  Although while the Datastore is down, you can't make any changes to the farm.
The farm is small, but you still want to make the other site a new Zone since updates will be traveling over the WAN.
How do you plan on making the access point DR?  Are these users using Web Interface or PNAgent?

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sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
Regarding the data store we wil have a another datastore in DR site which wil be replica of the Main Building datastore.

Once the Main bulding netowrk goes down, we have small script "dsmanint config" which will be running from DR site and it will be pointed to the DR site database server.  I think after doing this we can remove the "scheduling" load evaluator from the DR site server and we will be accessing the DR site server form Access Management console of any of these DR site servers.

Yes we will make DR site server in differennt zone.

Yes customer will be configuring another Web interface servver with separate site and when the Main bulding server goes down , the applicaitons will be accessing from 2nd site... For that there will be minimum down time from user site.

Note:- I have tried figure a drawing for this DR site.. Please have a look .. I think this way I can able to describe  
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
Can anyone one please see or review the idea or the plan.. I have updated teh jpg file..

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