DNS and workgroups

I have several computers on a workgroup in my domain.  Can they use our DNS servers to find resources; website, shares, etc.  If so, how is this controlled, enabled/disabled?
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DNS is working, then.  They'll always be prompted to authenticate when accessing shares, since they're not domain members.  You can configure persistent drive mappings to the shares using domain credentials (which you'll need to specify) if you don't want them to be prompted, but that's a bit kludgy and will require you to reconnect the mappings every time the user account you're using to connect has to change its password.
The DHCP addressing they receive should be getting the same DNS servers as the computers on your domain.  When they try \\SERVERNAME what happens? it just fails automatically or does it ask them to authenticate?
Yup, this is done by default.
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