Email server on RedHad 5 drops incoming messages

Hello all:
   I have a RedHat Enterprise 5 server with Interworx control panel running our web sites and email.  Recently, our hard drive got so full that it brought the server down (yeah, we weren't watching it that closely).  We cleaned up the hard drive, but Interworx had to run a database repair utility.  Things seems fine, but progressively, we lose incoming email messages.  For example, we send a message to an entire group - within our organization.  Some get it, some don't.  From external domains, the same thing happens, so our email is very unreliable right now.  Interworx support has not been able to solve the problem.  I'm replacing the firewall today (was going to do that anyway).  We're at the point where we're about to buy a new server, reinstall Interworx, move the data over and see if it's a hardware / OS / Interworx setup issue.  If it's a data issue, I don't know what we'll do.  Any ideas, suggestions??  This is becoming urgently.
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Check the logs for what is going on on the system.
Make sure your email queue is lean i.e. there are no stale bounce tyoe of references still in the queue such that when a new message arrives and has an existing reference in the bounce queue, the message might be delievered and might bounce./drop.
jhuntiiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help and sorry I didn't reply back.  We ended up installing Interworx on a completely different machine, running CentOS instead of RedHat, then restored from backup. Everything worked great.  So then, we installed CentOS on the original server and restored from backup again.  It worked pretty well, but it is kind of slow and temperamental at times.  Could it be bad hardware??
It could be that the hard drives that are in use are not as quick as others.

You could try looking at iostat, vmstat to see what is going on the system that might explain the issue.
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