PostFix is authenticating with any user/pass

Hi, I'm testing postfix in my linux server, and I installed it from zero following some tutorials..
I'm still noob at linux / postfix.. the first time i'm trying..

well, I could make outlook send email authenticated required.. but its sending with any user or password I put in outlook...

I mean, if i dont check that option "my server requires authentication" , outlook says couldnt connect.. right, its what was supposed to happen.. but If i check this option, outlook send email with any user/pass.. it doenst say user or pass is wrong..

i'm using shadow as mechanism, so i'd auth with my linux's user/pass .. i tried PAM, but i have same trouble..

how can i fix it ?
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alpiresAuthor Commented:
hum.. i believe its my outlook's problem..
with PHPMailer class, if I use wrong user/pass it says that couldnt authenticate
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