Exchange 2010 Outlook Clients receive blank emails

After recently migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, users have begun to receive random emails that have blank message bodies but the subjects and other data is intact. (We are currently in coexistence but all mailboxes are on 2010 and mail routes correctly, etc)

OWA displays these messages without issue. Outlook clients range from 2003-2007, I am still trying to see if it occurs only in 2003. Encrypted communications on Exchange has been disabled for the 2003 clients to work (plan to re-enable it client and server side at a later date).

There is no AV filtering on the clients for email, and the blank email is received locally within the organization as well as from outbound sources.

Is it possible a certificate problem could cause this? Again, OWA seems to display the messages fine.
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SupA1Author Commented:
After disabling the AV client the same thing happened, outlook detect and repair did not work. What did seem to fix the issue is turning on cached exchange mode... though I have no idea why this would be required.
Glen KnightCommented:
And there is no Antivirus software on the client machines?
I have seen AV software cause this but if you don't have any then that rules that out.
SupA1Author Commented:
Yes, there is no AV client software that filters email right now. I have verified this only occurs on Outlook 2003 clients, 2007 is fine.
Glen KnightCommented:
I am not worried about the filtering of email.
Do you have ANY virus software in the clients at all? Even if email scanning has been disabled cn you uninstall it?

Also try to run the outlook detect and repair from the help menu in outlook.
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