Mapping Active Directory User Account "Description" field to Exchange 2007 Mailbox "Title" Field

For all of my user accounts in active directory I've filled out the "Description" field to include the person's job title.

In Exchange 2007, there is a field under "Organization" in a user's mailbox called "Title" which I assume refers to job title and would populate in the Global Address List.

I was wondering if there's any way to import the user's description into the title, or maybe refer to the title with a variable? I'm not really interested in creating any scripts, we don't have that many employees so I would rather do it manually at that point.

Thank you in advance.
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ncheungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe there is a seperate designated field in active directory for title that the GAL is using.  If you want to manually enter the information, then just copy the contents from the description field to the title field.  Try taking a look using active directory users and computers mmc and navigate to the organization tab.  You'll find the title field there.
Wonko_the_SaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The easiert way would be to have a script populate the Title field (it's just another field in AD, so it would be extremely simple).

As you said you don't want that, another option would be to update the view that Outlook shows as described here - one could argue that this is in fact more difficult than writing that script:

Basically you would change the AttributeName for the text box after "Job Title" from "Title" to "description". You would need to do this for every language you support. Do this for the "User" template type.

Just be warned that this may cause confusion down the road if somebody thinks that this is the actual title field in AD.
devlexAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone - since there was no easy way without scripting I just copy and pasted the information.

I actually didn't realize the Organization tab was available in active directory as well. We have about 200 users so it only took a few minutes to do all the copying.
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