Printing via XP-Shared hp LJ4250

I have an hp LJ4250 (I'm not sure the printer type matters) installed on an XP machine via USB (the ethernet port doesn't seem to work or I'd network it!!).  The printer is shared.

I have a Windows 7 machine and have installed the shared printer on it.

I actually have two instances of the printer installed on the XP machine - one with settings for letters out of Tray 2 and one with settings for envelopes out of the flip-down "manual" Tray 1.  The "letter" printer is set up so that Tray 1 is Not Available and Tray 2 is Letter and the default size is Letter.  I keep envelopes in Tray 1.

The problem is that the Windows 7 machine wants to print letter pages on envelopes out of Tray 1.  When I select Print and go to Preferences, Source is Automatically Select.  That gets envelopes printed.  
I have to manually change the Source to Tray 2 every time to get letter paper output.

Nothing I've found seems to fix this.  The printer setups on the Windows 7 machine are the same as on the XP machine with the intended source tray specified.  This "Automatic Selection" doesn't even do what one would expect!!
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Fred MarshallPrincipalAsked:
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wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
Check the page setup and print settings in the application.
Application settings always override print driver settings.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
So the XP machine has the printers physically connected to it? The XP machine has 2 shared printers on for flip down tray printing and the other for tray 2 printing? Right!

If so how is the Win7 connected to the share, as a local printer or as a networked printer?

I have an HP with 6 different settings and thus 6 different printer setups. I also have 6 people who print to that HP using 4 different tray options depending on the printer setup. I ahve found the key to be how you connect to the printer--it must be a networked (example \\WindowsXP-PC-Name\HP-Printer-Name)
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
As far as the application goes, when one selects Print and then Properties, it shows the Source is Automatically Select.  Then, with no other changes it will print envelopes from the flipdown Tray 1.

As far as installing a local or network printer, I tried that with this result:
A local printer will install just fine - pointing to the shared printer.
A network printer will NOT install at all - because when it gets time to install the driver it says that the driver is not found - even when pointing to the directory where the driver IS.  There appeared to be no workaround for this.

I did fix the problem like this:
In Device Settings in the Form to Tray Assignment, the first line is "Printer auto select:"  This had to be set to "Not Available" - then everything worked fine with the proper tray contents selected.  Of course that doesn't seem entirely "right" but that's what worked!

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