add rule so workstations can see DC over BVPN

Hi All,
I have a sonicwall TZ-170 & TZ-150 linked over the WAN via branch office VPN.
We have servers behind the TZ170 along with workstations. We also have workstations behind the TZ150.

I need help creating a rule so I can push anti-virus agents (hosted on a file server) and allow users to log into SBS 2003 from the TZ150 side. As it stands now, workstations from the TZ150 side can only map a drive, but cannot ping or see other machines on the TZ170 side.
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I'm not sure that's true.  When you create the VPN on the Sonicwall, you specify source and destination networks.  The VPN will establish the proper firewall rules to allow traffic flow.  If your hosts are not accessing from one side of the VPN to the other, then you need to look at the local and destination networks under the Network tab with the VPN.  If you modify the address objects/groups and traffic flow still fails, then deleting the VPN and recreating it is the best option.

Also, if you have hosts that need to connect to an SBS from across the VPN, then you'll want to make sure those hosts are using the SBS as their DNS.
Create rules under Firewall to allow all traffic through the VPN.  The VPN wizard in sonicwall does not.  Also make sure NAT is set up the same.  When you are in the config you can set up to watch for packets and filter traffic to see if one of the appliances is dropping packets.  This can be found under Administration.
MikeG299Author Commented:
thanks for the points!
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