HP ML110 G5 RAID 10 Failure

Hi there.

We've had a couple of HP ML110 G5 servers running for a couple of years, but now the of the servers reports a disk failure a few days ago; Failed drive: controller 1, port 0. I called HP support and they told me we just had to replace the disk and then the RAID would rebuild itself. So I replaced the disk with a new one and booted up the server but only got missing file NTosKRL.... So I reattached the original disk and everything worked again and the server booted up again. The RAID is still reporting a disk failure but how do I then solve the problem?
The disk I replaced with is the same type but it seems the firmware version on the new one is HPG6 and the old one is HPG1. Should I enter the RAID on boot with F8 or what can I do? The server is running RAID 10 on the HP onboard storage controller.
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CPetrich12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way to do this is to enter the RAID configuration utility at Boot, you'll see the pause after POST telling you to press Ctrl + M, or some other combination of keys to enter the configuration. From there you can manually Fail the bad hard drive. After manually failing the drive, shut down the PC, replace the hard drive, turn it back on, un fail the drive and tell it to rebuild the new drive. Depending on the size of the drive and age of the computer, it could take several hours to complete.
Sorry, I didn't see the part about F8. If that is how you enter the onboard controller configuration utility, then do that. From there you can fail the bad drive, replace and then make it active again and then do the rebuild. Hope this helps.
snafumasterDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
When the server was built, did the HP RAID manager get installed?  This would be the one that is accessible from within Windows.  If so, you should be able to hot swap the drive as well...if memory serves me.
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polytech2009Author Commented:
Thanks. I'll try F8 to get into the RAID manager, but is a little nervous about coming to destroy the RAID totally :s I have the HP RAID manager installed in Windows and the drive now shows up as a failed drive and the RAID is degraded.
snafumasterConnect With a Mentor Director of Information TechnologyCommented:
If the server and the controller support hot swap, you'll be OK.  My ML does and it's a G5 as well.  If you rebuild within Windows, it will just take a little longer to finish the rebuild, but you can work while it is rebuilding.  Sure there might be a performance hit, but from the sounds of it, you'll probably just let it do its thing.  Look at the documentation for the specific controller and firmware version.  It should have your answers there.
polytech2009Author Commented:
I powered down the server. Exchanged the disk and booted up again. When in Windows I opened the HP Storage manager and added the new disk as a hot spare and the RAID started rebuilding itself automatically :) Thank you for your help
polytech2009Author Commented:
Problem was solved
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