Active Directory Logon/Logoff report

I've been asked to provide a logon/logoff report for all employees for the given week. We do have the logon/logoff security audity policy turned on, but I'm not quite sure what's the easiest way to generate a report.

I've downloaded the Log Parser tool, but haven't yet worked out a good way to generate a good report on all users.

I'm also looking for a no-cost solution. I'd almost assume this would be built in to Active Directory...

Any suggestions?
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For log on/off reports: If its turned on and your system is capturing it, go to event view, look for security viewer and right click and filter to the dates you want. You should then see the username/computername of the PCs that were captured.

AD Manager is also a good tool to see this graphically. It does cost however.
Im not sure of a no-cost solution.
Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
Take a look at Joeware's AD Tools. His dsQuery ADfind is great and exports to CSV ot html output.

Hope it helps,
coldchillinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips, I did have a look and the solutions look great. However, it turns out that we ran a logon/logoff batch file which also logged activity. I used that, imported it into SQL, and now run reports from that.
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