What daily tasks do most network admins perform in a Windows environment?

What daily tasks do most network admins perform in a Windows environment?
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Network Monitoring
Exchange/Mail logs filtering
Firewall Logs
Event Viewer reporting
File share sizes , usage
Bandwith and Latency checks
AD User checks

To name some...

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MrMintanetAuthor Commented:
What software do you use to do such things?  What about backups?
Yeah backups too... good point. Very good point

Nagios for alerts and monitoring. Netmon is also good.
Barracuda for spam filter
Firewall logs are through the firewall. Im sure there are parsers out there.
Spacemonger (freeware) for Share sizes and usage.
AD user checks can be done with most AD auditing tools. ( AD Manager, Netwrix )
There are many backup solutions. Pick and choose.
Also VM monitoring and implementation is becoming a big deal. (VMWare , Fusion)
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Check out Spiceworks for inventory, monitoring, alerts, network mapping, and helpdesk. Great software and it is free.

We use spiceworks where I currently work.

Its a great tool, but not really part of what a IT Admin deals with on a daily basis. We have the help desk use this mostly. As it doesnt go really in depth with the information.
It doesn't DO the daily tasks for you but it certainly helps with organizing them, monitoring logs (windows), on/offline status, etc.
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
I have most of my systems configured to send me emails so standard tasks mean reading email :)

Backups - CA Arcserve (send me a status email)

Network Monitoring - PTRG (also sends me emails at certain thresholds)

Windows Event logs - My developer wrote something for our intranet.  I use Log Parser batch file
scheduled in task scheduler to do event log inserts to a SQL db (code below)

Email Logs - Depends on your mail system.  We are a Groupwise house so I'm sure my tools will be no help to you.

Firewall/IPS logs - SonicWALL house here so I use GMS and Viewpoint

Smoke Break - I gotta have one of these an hour :)
"c:\program files\log parser 2.2\LogParser" "SELECT EventLog, RecordNumber,TimeGenerated, EventID,EventType, EventTypeName, EventCategory, SourceName,ComputerName, Message FROM System, Application, Security TO web_sysmon_evtlogs" -o:SQL -server:swserver -driver:"SQL Server" -database:mydb -username:sa -password:mypass -iCheckpoint:MyCheckpoint.lpc

Open in new window

MrMintanetAuthor Commented:
Spiceworks is very impressive.
It really is a great piece of software.  Small footprint, easy to use, great help from support and the community.  It doesn't do everything (yet) but what it can't do might be extended in a plug-in or a feature request to be implemented later.

The development cycle is real quick too.  They're always improving it.
MrMintanetAuthor Commented:
Do you know if Spiceworks actually does real-time alerts if a server goes down?
Yes it can do real time alerts if set up correctly . I do believe you need an external program linked to SW, like Nagios, to accomplish this type of alert system.
It will alert you when any device goes offline (if you want it to).
And you don't need an external system for it to do that.
just get www.bastmonitoring.com they will give you  a consultation for what you need and set up system monitoring for you so you don't have to do anything.
MrMintanetAuthor Commented:
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