USMT - old xp machine, old user / old domain TO New Windows 7 machine, new user / new domain

Have a site of 20 users who all have accounts on the new domain.
( They are using the new accounts to access Exchange )
( Their existing pcs are in the old domain, they are logging into the old domain.)

Want to upgrade there machines to Windows 7 and have them use user accounts in the new domain.

There is no trust setup.

Want to ask if it is possible and what would the steps be to get a user's profile from an old xp machine to a new windows 7.
I think this would be fairly straight forward other then the fact we are also changing the domain.

Is there a way to do this with USMT ?

What USMT will and won't do,295582,sid192_gci1381296,00.html

seems to state that it cannot change domains - if that is the case can I just put the Windows 7 in the old domain, transfer the user settings. then change the domain.  Change the domain to the new one, then use the copy profile in windows to get the user their settings ?

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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
You will have to use ADMT to migrate the XP box AND users into the new domain then use USMT to migrate the settings onto the new computer.

You will have to migrate the users so the SID is not changed.  Do not just re-create the users in the new domain with the same name or this will not work.

Here are some great tool for migration process

here is method provided using USMT

markpalinuxAuthor Commented:
didn't get to test the process yet.
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