Memory for Intel DP55KG MB

I have an Intel DP55KG MB and i7-870 processor that a good friend gave me as a present.  Can someone recommend some memory sticks for this combination?  I'm not looking to OC.  Just want the fastest, stable memory at a reasonable cost.  Thanks.
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This is a premium Motherboard manufactured directly by Intel.  Even though you are not overclocking, you need to recognize that the I7-870 is a hyper-threaded quad core processor --- for a total of 8 actual/virtual cores.  This board can handle up to 16 GB of memory in dual channel (not triple channel).  I would suggest that you use no less that 4 GB of memory and, recommend that you go with 8 GB.  As for speed, I suggest DDR3 1600 -- try these:

Choose an ample power supply and a capable GPU card.

Good Luck with your new system!
Hi! I just read that you are looking to purchase memory for this setup.
As advised this motherboard will only take in DDR 3 memory chips. (note: do not purchase DDR-2 or DDR ram). Now Dual-Channel and means that you can get two Identical Ram Chips and place them in your motherboard, whereas, Tripple-Channel ram means that you need 3 Identical Ram chips.

The motherboard in question uses LGA 1156 Form Factor processor, Its adviseable to use two identical Ram chips to utilizie the Dual-Channel feature (it improves the speed of the computer overall).

If you need to use a 32-Bit operating system you should get 2GBx2 memory chips as the operating system will not show more than 4GB of ram. If you are running a 64-Bit operating system you can use more than 4GB ram (depending on your use).

I would recommend you to purchase the memory listed below,

This ram is very cost effective and will serve you well. You can also add in 2 similar memory chips later on to increase the memory to 8GB (depending on requirement).

The other thing you would like to know is that Ram operates at different frequencies. 1066Mhz, 1333Mhz, 1600Mhz and so on and forth... The ram I have advised is DDR3-1600 and is a pretty generic speed these days.

I hope this answers your question.
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