Dell PowerEdge 2800 - LCD display scrambled. Suggestions?

I have two Dell PowerEdge 2800 servers, that are getting a bit long in the tooth.  On one of them, the tiny LCD display on the front is completely scrambled.  The other one displays the name of my company (this was set before I started working here), so I'm honestly not even sure where in the control settings on the server you go to set this message.

So my question is two parts:  Could this be a software error?  Where do you go in control panel, or wherever, to set the display text that shows up on this panel (when it's not showing an error message)?

And two:  has anyone ever experienced this problem before?  If so, would replacing the LCD panel (I see I can get a complete module, with cable and everything, on ebay for like $50) solve that problem?  Or is it likely to be a problem on the motherboard, itself?
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I would think the replacement LCD would do the trick and as far as changing the text on the LCD that is controlled through the BIOS. I have replaced LCDs in the past without issue but mine were flat-out dead not scrambled.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
On the PowerEdge servers, the information on the LCD comes from the ESM/BMC, not BIOS.  It could be the panel is broken or it could be the ESM (located on the PCI Riser).  I would reseat the PCI Riser.  If that doesn't do it, you can try updating the BIOS and ESM.  If that doesn't work, then the panel likely needs replacing.

You can change the text on the screen in the BIOS (F2).

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comptechmikeAuthor Commented:
I've ordered a replacement panel, I'll follow up to let you know how it goes, thanks!
LCD alone probably wont fix this.  You may need to order the control panel assembly. You can find the correct part and part number by running the cable the comes off LCD back to the control panel assembly.  There should be a DPN or SN number on that part.

To Change LCD Panel Settings:

BIOS>Embedded Server MGMT> Change to User Defined String, then add whatever text you want.
comptechmikeAuthor Commented:
There were actually two different places to change the string - in BIOS, and in the backplane software (BCM, or whatever it's called, I'm not in front of the computer right now).  In any case, I replaced the panel and that solved my issues.

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