blackberry outgoing mail not catched by Outlook rule

In Outlook, I have a rule that is copying a each outgoing message to an inbox subfolder. Is there a way to have the email sent from blackberry to copied to the same inbox subfolder? I think I could bcc myself on each message and have another exchange rule that copies this received message to the subfolder. But I have to enter manually my address each time I want to send a message. Any idea?

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Why don't you have the rule set for your sent items folder?
i.e. scan the sent items folder in outlook and if it's one you want to copy, send a copy to a folder. The blackberry can synchronise any items sent from the device to the sent items folder in outlook (as long as you're on a BES).
Further to what -jonny- said and though not really a solution this is purely informative - you can have BES auto-BCC an address but it's only one address and it's for the entire server. Since I have my own BES at home this isn't a problem for me but in a company environment I wouldn't be able to.

tfcexpertexchangeAuthor Commented:
Monorail1: I saw this option, but not applicable for me.
-jonny-: How can set this kind of rule? I am looking at the rules wizard, I can find what could do what you suggested.
tfcexpertexchangeAuthor Commented:
I found my around with the rules options, thanks for the hint.
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