How long can a CAT 6 cable?

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Hello EEs,

I want to put one PC with other room which is far appx. 105+ Mts.  & existing cable is too short(only 20 Mts),

Kindly advice can i put a joint or can use new cable 105 mts length long to solve my problem,

Also advice what is the different b/w CAT 5 & CAT 6e / CAT 6.

awaiting for your earlier reply,

Many thanks,

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For 10/100/1Gb links, the max length is 100M.

You can join cables using a Socket-Socket link but you should not use too many of them as each join does add resistance and potential intererance to the link.
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Cat5, 6 and 6e offer more speeds over one another, good description is on the wiki pedia article.

Cat6 is 100 meters only

I will suggest either wireless if you have or will have more then one device in that part of the building ;


You can use Power Over Ethernet kits from netgear, draytek etc, provided that its all one electrical phase / unit used in the building / area.

You can simply plug one POE unit on either side and connect the machines together to the network, it will give you cable speeds as compared to wireless which will be half duplex.

Hope this helps
The professional standard for max length for CAT cables is 100m. So if you stick with this length it will pretty much work reliably with no packet/data loss. It doesn't mean you can't go longer. If you go longer it means you risk the chance of packet loss therefore not fully utilising the cable capacity. If this is for home use then it's probably acceptable to a little over the 100m length.

Differences between cat5, cat6e and cat6 is the capacity and performance of each.

- Cat5 is pretty much obselete and superceeded by cat5e where the e means "enhanced". This has a bandwidth of 100Mb/s
-Cat6 and cat6e have similar properties except the enhanced version performs a little better and both of these have a rated bandwitdh of 1Gb/s
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Another option to wireless or Ethernet over Power (which I have found to be VERY slow even though advertised speeds don't look too bad) is to add a powered device in between points. Run the first 75m and put a small switch (store and forward, unmanaged) and then run the additional 30m. This switch (a Gigabit switch should be sub $30 on newegg) will repeat the information and allow you to run for another 30m. You will probably see a higher latency to a computer that far away, but it should not be too bad.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is used to distribute 48VDC power to equipment over the network cable.  Limitations are the same as FastEthernet (100m), and have nothing to do with the AC electrical lines.

"Powerline Ethernet" or other adapters send signaling over AC wiring, with adapters plugged into standard AC receptacles in a residence.  Distance is 200+m, but has to be tested on-site for wiring compatibility and ability to maintain connectivity at longer distances.

"Power line communication" PLC, is run over high voltage lines from the electric company.

If you're looking at Powerline Ethernet distribution, make sure you buy from a reseller with a good return policy.  You may not be able to use it in your home, apartment, dorm, office, etc. due to wiring, noise, distance, lease contract, or the whims of a landlord or facility manager.

Keep in mind that your signal can be seen on all electrical lines on your side of the electric company's transformer.  In a neighborhood of houses, that could be a few neighbors on every side of you.  Use the encryption/security tools provided with the equipment.
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If you have problems with distance you could always sick a cheap switch in the middle of the path which would effectively double your range with maximum of two 100m Ethernet runs.


Thanks for the solution & pls accept 500 pts for the same & kindly explain what is half & full duplex & how it works?

Many thanks once again.

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