Installing XenServer and cannot load the LSI SAS driver!

I am trying to come up to speed on XenServer and I have a Supermicro with a X8DA3 motherboard that has the LSI SAS 1068E on board. It is on the Xenserver hcl list but once the install program loads it is not seeing it.  I have the LSI configured for Raid 0 and intialized the drives.  Did I do something wrong in that or do I need to provide a driver?  If I need to provide a driver how can I do that because it is too big to fit on a floppy and when I put it on cd and use the local media option the installation program still cannot see it.  
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bergm57Author Commented:
Thanks that was really helpful...
What version of XenServer are you trying to install?
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bergm57Author Commented:
Version 5.5.0 Update 2
Sure enough, it is on the HCL and compatible with 5.5:

Had a look at the specs on Supermicro's site, and you did get yourself a good board.  Can you download and try the 5.6 beta to see if you get a different result?  How about configuring the drives in a different way, say just two as a raid 1 as a test?

Normally, I'd say that with on-board (fake-raid) controllers, you're just out of luck, but that certainly does NOT seem to be the case here.
bergm57Author Commented:
Yes, I made sure it was on the hcl before I bought it but I am afraid I may have to buy another controller. The bad thing about that is the backplane is setup for the imbedded controller only.  I did manage to the a Megaraid SAS version from Citrix and it allowed me to load the driver but I keep getting the same error.
" An unrecoverable error has occurred.  The details of the error can be found in the log file which has been written to /tmp/install.log (and root/installlog if possible). "  I will try the 5.6 beta and see what I get.
bergm57Author Commented:
Similar problem with 5.6 it doesn't see the drives.
bergm57Author Commented:
I checked the install-log and it seems to be bombing on selecting the primary drive for installation.  I went back and configured it for Raid 1 and same news when I try again.  
OK, so if 5.6 doesn't see it, then it's not a driver issue.  Does another OS see it?  is it a known good card?  Can you see the boot messages (Alt-F3 during install, I think) and do they report seeing anything in terms of storage during the kernel boot?  The more I hear, the more (frustratingly, I know) that I just want to say that it SHOULD work.
bergm57Author Commented:
I agree it should work. I must not be finding the correct driver because I took your suggestion and tried it with W2k3 and it sees the drive just fine after loading the windows driver.   I have not tried to see the boot messages. I will give that a shot too.  Thanks for your input on this!
bergm57Author Commented:
I finally figured out that the XenServer could not see the onboard raid controller because it was in software mode SR.   A jumper change to HT mode and a firmware update from Supermicro and the hard drives were working.

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Outstanding.  Good to know.
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIICommented:
Thanks for posting that answer. Very good to know. Something I would look over in frustration.
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