Error 0x80070005 on Server 2003 SBS

I have a client who contacted me to look into this issue. If you are logged in as the administrator, that is the domain adminstrator account, and goto scheduled tasks, if you try to create one, it bombs with the error:
Access Denied. Error Code 0x80070005.
You can try to schedule anything, even notepad, when you go to click finish, it bombs out. Note, that this is 2003 Small Business Server, and it is with the domain administrator account. I recently read an article here, and the accepted solution was a hotfix for an XP machine. Not gonna work on SBS2003. I agree with some of the consensus in the previous posts about a permission issue, but how could that affect the  administrator account.
I've also created another account, and gave it domain administrator credentials. Same issue. Anyone experience this issue?
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rjohns1Author Commented:
FOUND A SOLUTION!  The permissions were removed from the Tasks folder in C:\Windows, plus there is no security tab for that folder, so I granted the permissions through command line, which worked. I was able to add a NTbackup job to the scheduled tasks folder. I don't know how these permissions were removed, but this solved the problem.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
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