Problem with updates, Windows 2008 x64 and AMD Opteron machine.

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Oh, where to start.  I inherited a network.  It needs lots of help.  The current dilemma started with 2 windows 2008 servers, both having a similar problem.  When you launch the server manager, you end up with "ERROR" under Roles and "Features" just never collects anything.  I can run certain SNAP-IN's directly and they work fine.  Trouble shooting this problem led me to launch the "Update Readiness Tool" which did in fact inform me of missing packages.  Specifically "CBS MUM Missing".  I downloaded KB980182, changed it to a CAB file and manually extracted every file MUM and CAT file associated with KB980182 and pasted them into \servicing\packages directory.  This definately shortened the complaints reported by the Update Readiness Tool but now it is looking for "Package_for_KB980182~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~" which is not present in the KB980182 file.

I can't install 2008 SP2 for some reason, it's looking for SP1 which of course doesn't' exist for 2008 and is a vista SP and the cumulative Security Update for IE8 won't install due to this problem as well.  

I've never had problems like these on my Intel boxes.  Can anyone help?  Possibly zip up the KB980182 AMD files if yours contains the missing file and is not throwing a tantrum?

Basic Config:
Windows 2008 SP1 STD 64-Bit OS
Dual, Dual Core Opteron 270 Processors
4G of RAM

I want to focus on this machine because it is not currently in production and can be beat up.

I've attached the output log files from the "update readiness tool"
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For future reference, the fix to this was to install a parallel version of the OS (not registered) on a Virtual Host, perform all the service patches including Internet Explorer 8, then copy the two files
Package_for_KB980182~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ and and place them in the \servicing\packages directory.  This repair for the cumulative security patch fixed not only the server manager but SP2 installed without a problem.

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