Can't authenticate with sharepoint on local iis server

Hi all,
I'm experiencing an issue with integrated authentication with my sharepoint site.  Generally, authetication works perfectly from every computer EXCEPT the one that actually hosts the IIS server.  If I use the FQDN directly on the IIS server, I get prompted for a user id and password and receive a 401 error no matter what I type.

However, if I type the NETBIOS name of the computer instead of the FQDN, integrated authentication works fine.

Like I mentioned, everything seems perfect from all computers except the one that is actually hosting the IIS.  I can successfully ping the NETBIOS and FQDN on the host and get the same IP Address.

Anybody have anything else I can try?

SUMMARY: - will not authenticate
http://MYCOMPUTERNAME:2000/sites/mysite - WILL authenticate
http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2000/sites/mysite - WILL authenticate
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This should get you squared away.

Method 2 is the more secure and preferred way. However, if you do not care, method 1 works perfectly fine too.
mmichaels1970Author Commented:
I'm not worthy!

Answered in about 60 seconds.  Resolved about 60 seconds later.  Thanks for the KB reference!
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