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I am in VB right now and we have this project and I really have no clue where to start. heres the directions. If I could get some guidance I would appreciate it. Im a beginner so this stuff is pretty hard for me!

Design an automobile class.  Use this class as part of a collection that tracks cars available for sale at Doug’s Honest Motors.  Design the User Interface that you will use to manage the data for this used car lot.

Auto Properties
•      VIN                  5 - digit string  - may be letters or numbers (real VIN’s are 17 digits)
•      Make            (Ford, Chevrolet, Ferrari, etc.)
•      Model            (Taurus, Impala, Enzo, etc.)
•      Car Type            String Enumeration
¿      Sedan
¿      Coupe
¿      Truck
¿      SUV
¿      Sports Car
¿      Crossover
•      Color            String, 25 character maximum
•      Miles            Single (cannot be negative – we are Honest, remember?)
•      Proposed Price      Decimal (What we are asking for the car)
•      Actual Price            Decimal (What we actually sell it for)
•      Our Cost            Decimal (What we paid for the vehicle)
•      Description            String, 80 character maximum.
Auto Collection Methods
•      Find            Load the property information about an auto given the VIN
•      Load            Load the auto information from a file into your collection.
•      Save            Save the auto information to a file from your collection.
•      Remove            Delete an auto from the current collection of autos
•      Add                  Add an auto to the collection of autos

•      Be able add additional autos to the existing file.                        (5 points)
•      Be able delete autos from the existing file.                              (5 points)
•      Be able edit auto information in the existing file.                        (5 points)
•      Create a file for motor information if one does not exist.                  (5 points)

•      The class has the above properties.                                      (5 points)
•      The “Car Type” property uses an enumeration the associated enumeration            (5 points)
•      The collection can save the data to a file.                              (10 points)
•      The collection can load the data from a file.                              (10 points)
•      Use a collection to hold your auto objects                              (10 points)
•      Create an input form that uses the class and collection.                          (5 points)
•      Insert at least 10 autos into a file.                                    (5 points)
•      Create a form that allows the user to…
o      view all autos in the File.                                    (20 points)
o      view all auto of a specific Car Type .                        (10 points)
•      Use proper control naming.                                          (5 points)
•      Use proper comments.                                          (5 points)      
•      Program crashes                                          (-5 points per occurrence)

See… for what a VIN really signifies)
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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Ok, this seems fairly straight forward, although probably not quite so straight forward if you're a beginner.

The place to start is by creating a class that models a Car and its properties. Once you have a Car class you can create, write to and read from a Car regardless of whether or not there is a UI. That Car needs to perform some validation on some of its properties.

After that you can look at writing to and from files (classes in the System.IO namespace), which might be XML (System.Xml namespace) or a flat file. That might be your choice, or you might have some more details in your spec.

Once you are sorted with creating Car objects and writing/reading them from a file you can concentrate on hooking it all up to a UI.

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Shahan AyyubSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Create a seperate module for an AUTOMOBILE.define its 'Properties', 'Methods' and further specification you mentioned, in the same module. Be independent with this that how you will represent this AUTOMOBILE in your coding. You can also define some methods for retrieving records & writing records a a collection for that you can use System.Collections and System.IO namespace.

When you will be finish you can use this module in your GUI environment.
Shahan AyyubSenior Software EngineerCommented:
@ kirstin8249 i have provided you 2 namespaces they belongs to .net library. I didn't see that you are taking about VB. you can use Collection object to store the information. Keeping every things remains same.
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