Return File information from a directory

I have the following Script . How can I call the computer name from a text file. I would like to check each computer that is listed in a file located at c:\ActiveComputers.txt for this file and return the file information

$items = Get-ChildItem -Path "\\COMPUTERNAME \c$\Temp\bin\hs_err_pid*.log"

foreach ($item in $items)
      if ($item.Attributes -ne "Directory")
            Write-Host $item.Fullname $item.CreationTime
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:
Hey :)

Combine Get-Content with either ForEach (as you have done before) or ForEach-Object (%, as below).

I've also changed the If statement into Where-Object (?). You can determine if something is a directory (or not in this case) using the statement below.

And I switched Write-Host for Select-Object, much greater flexibility in the output. From Format-Table, to Export-CSV, to Out-GridView, and rather a lot more.

Get-Content "SomeFile.txt" | %{
  Get-ChildItem -Path "\\$_\c$\Temp\bin\hs_err_pid*.log" | 
    ?{ !$_.PsIsContainer } | Select-Object FullName, CreationTime

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jfgrayAuthor Commented:
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