Which to take first MCTS 70-433 or MCTS 70-432 ?

Hi experts,

I'm interested in taking the Microsoft MCTS sql server 2008 certifications, exams:

MCTS 70-433 Sql Server 2008 Database Development
MCTS 70-432 Sql Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance

Have any of you taken one of these exams?
I was wondering which do you recommend I take first?

Or does the order not matter?
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Depends on what your job is but I would always go for the install and configure exams first. But if you are a dev the skip the install and configure as your IT guys might very well be doing this for you..which is what I would do for our devs.

Actually in regards to SQL i would only ever do this install and configure tbh ;)

maqskywalkerAuthor Commented:
I'm a web developer and desktop developer.
So after looking at the table of the contents of the official prep books ......the 70-433 Sql Server 2008 Database Development material seems easier to be.

I have done db admin duties but with oracle so i'm more comfotable with oracle,  I have  developed tons of apps using sql server but never done any hardcore admin duties on sql server, since we have a sql server dba on staff who does that,  I have never even used power shell.

So would you say 70-432 is harder then 70-433, in general job title aside.
It's not about harder or easier - it is really about what you need and what you had done.

If you had done more development that anything else 70-433 should be easier I suspect. If you ask the guys that maintain servers as part of their daily jobs, 70-432 is probably easier.
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