Windows 7 HP German to 7 Ultimate English Upgrade

Hello Experts,

Let me explain my problem and the background first. I picked up a HP laptop from Germany on a business trip there and it came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 in German. There was no option for an English edition, which was super. Managed to fumble through for 3 months, but then went out and picked up a retail copy of 7 Ultimate 64 thinking an upgrade shouldn't be a problem.

Well, long story short, the setup tells me that an upgrade is not possible as the "Language does not match"! With 400GB+ data and a whole lot of installed apps and settings, I really don't want to perform a clean install. REALLY don't. Backing up the data via USB is no problem but the apps and settings and configurations and addons .... are a different story all together.

My question is -> Considering Ultimate contains the MUI's for 36 languages as part of the package, is there no way (reg tweak / ini edit) to accomplish this upgrade from German Home Premium to English Ultimate?

I'd appreciate the "Clean Install" to be an absolute last resort...

Thanks for your time.
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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Also find out if you can use the licensed copy you have bought as an ANYTIME Upgrade, it has been discussed in the thread too (technet link).
RohitBagchiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links Mutahir,

However, the problem is the DVD is the retail English edition. Not the anytime upgrade pack. The problem is the setup fails right at the start. There is no chance say or do anything besides the first "install Now" button.

I used [Admin Edit - VM] on the laptop as you linked, but that causes a activation failure with the newest activation update, thats why I had to return to German, and why I had to buy the Ultimate DVD in the first place.

RohitBagchiAuthor Commented:

The solution I requested is not possible.

I got in touch with Microsoft Support and several hours of talking later was told that there is no solution to this besides returning the Ultimate DVD, buying an online upgrade, installing German 7 Ultimate, and then using Windows Update to download an MUI.

RohitBagchiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mutahir for your help and although your solution wasn't what I was looking for exactly, it was the only possible response. My final option was posted in the question comments.

RohitBagchiAuthor Commented:

Quick update to the above, the solution (legal) is as follows:

Perform  an Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate without providing a serial number at  the time of install. The option (Anytime Upgrade) is always present on laptops / computers  with lesser versions of Windows 7 and allows usage for 30 days without  activation.

Use Windows Update to download the required language packs and install them.

Use  your purchased serial to activate once the process is over, and viola,  you have your Operating System in English / whatever language you  selected.


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