Can no longer display monitor at native resolution.

I have done something, or have installed an update that has cause me to be unable to display my monitor at any acceptable resolution.
I am told the native resolution is 1920 x 1200, but now, when I try to set that resolution, I get a monitor alert window saying "out of range"
I also get this at 1856 x 1352. I have to go to 1600 x 1200 before I can get the settings to take, and this is the wrong aspect ratio.
I have downloaded the latest drivers for the monitor and for the graphics accelerator.
I have use a restore points back to February, but no luck.
Any suggestions?
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David BruggeAsked:
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* Try walking through the steps outlined on this Intel page:

* Try installing the drivers provided by the MS Windows Update site

* Could be your monitor circuitry is bad or your graphics card is outputting a bad signal. Best thing is it try a different monitor with a high resolution to test if it's your monitor or graphics card. I would also try a different cable in case the graphics adapter cannot read the EDID from the monitor for some reason.
It might be because the refresh rate for that resolution is set too high?  Try using RefreshLock to change the rate to a supported setting.
Reboot the computer and hit F8 repeatedly until you get to a screen that says "Windows Advanced Options Menu"
Choose "Enable VGA Mode" and the computer will boot into a lower resolution. When you get into Windows, feel free to change the resolution to an acceptable level, apply, and reboot. Hope that helps!
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David BruggeAuthor Commented:
sorry, no luck with either suggestion. I don't have anything to base it on, but my suspicion is with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
When you say that you've tried installing the latest drivers, do you mean that you installed them over your current ones, or that you completely removed the current drivers, and then installed the new ones? If you go into device manager (Right click on my computer, click properties, click hardware, click device manager), and look under "display adapters", you should see your adapter listed. Right click on it, and click "uninstall". Once it's uninstalled, reboot, and you should be prompted to install new video drivers. Point the wizard at the new drivers you downloaded, and see if that solves it for you.
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
@ agtmadcat:,

I went to device manager and clicked to uninstall the adapter and got the message that I would have to reboot to complete the uninstall. I rebooted.

On reboot, no challenge for driver. I went to display properties, and the adapter was still loaded.

This time I went to device manager, clicked on the adapter properties and went to driver and clicked the uninstall. Got a different "need to reboot" than the last time. Pressed the ok to reboot, rebooted, checked display properties, adapter is still there.

BTW, when I updated, I installed the driver using a exe script that i downloaded from the Intel site, rather than uninstalling and reinstalling.

I'm getting frustrated with this piece of crap monitor anyway. Now I'm having doubst that I ever did have it working at native resolution and perhaps only thought that I did. I mean, rolling back to a distant restore point should have fixed it in the fist place I'm thinking.
Try turning down the colors to 256 in addition to using a 60 hz refresh.
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
It will be Monday before I can try these ideas out, but it sounds promising.
David BruggeAuthor Commented:

Changing the cable took care of everything! Could be that I didn't have the connection tightened down. I've always experienced losing one of my channels or my image all together when the connection was lose.

Never occurred to me that this might be the culprit!

Thanks again.
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Thanks again
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