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Functionality: The approver should receive a weekly email.  This email should contain link of an item. I cannot use Alert because I want to send a link in the email and email should go to specific Approver

Challenge – If the workflow is paused for seven days and triggers on 7th day to send an email, the challenge is if there are 10 items submitted in a week, it generates 10 instance of a workflow and so 10 emails are getting generated instead of one single email. SharePoint designer workflow runs on an Item, I need help to find how we can send only one single email even if multiple instance of the workflow are running
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Store a value in another list when the first workflow kicks off. Have subsequential workflows look at this value. If the value exists the workflow just ends. Then have the running workflow clear this value when it ends.

This is the only way I can think to do it because the SharePoint workflows in 2007 are designed to run around a specific item.
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I solved this problem
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