Network path not found joining Server 2008 Standard domain

I just built a new Server 2008 server and new domain.  I have two Windows 7 Ultimate clients and one XP client.  The XP client can join the domain with no issues, the Windows 7 clients fail with a Network path not found error.  I have turned off the firewalls on the 7 machines and the server.  No luck.  It must be an issue with the Win 7 machines.  Any help is appreciated.
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Usually need to start with DNS on these kind of faults. Can you do an nslookup and if you do and IPconfig /all is your DNS server correct. Also when adding a mchaine sometimes if you add it the FQDN you ge tthe error, maybe drop the .local off your Windows 7 computer ( or add it if you did not put it there ) before you click the join domain button and then when it comes up you may well find your problem reolved.
don't forget when logging on to a domain in Windows 7 you have to use the username in the format "domain\username' and then put the password beneath it.
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