how to see the address block of a group email sent to you titled from

Is there a  way to do the above say from a gmail or msn or yahoo account when you receive an email.. It is always addressed to a person instead of having the list of email addresses.
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Gmail at least has a "show original" option under the reply pulldown. However, even if you view the raw email, the address list is not likely to be displaying the information you are interested in, since the expansion of the list of addressees occurs on the original server and is not included in the individual email headers. The sender most likely has some form of group list file that they use to contain the group addresses and that is not included in the final email.

Hope this helps!
>It is always addressed to a person instead of having the list of email addresses

A person or a group?
If it is just 1 person, the addresses are probably in the bcc field... so you cannot get these. If it is a group, then this is what you have in the mail itself - the client/server of the sender had decided which mails need to get this mail... and just pass whatever the user says (as hawarden explained above).

In both cases, you are probably not having the addresses anywhere in the mail... so you cannot get  them
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