PHP Script that will graph CSV data?


I am looking for a decent php script (or any other type) that I can configure to create a graph out of a CSV file that is constantly appended with new data feeds?

The sample CSV data is also attached.

Anyone know of anything out there that will do what i am trying to do here?
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Check out Google Charts, it's pretty good

Or GraPHPite
Also, if your site uses the jQuery JavaScript library there are various graphing plugins for it, e.g.
mirdeAuthor Commented:
Not sure if anyone knows, but I have seen a very nice "timeline" like line chart, i think it was an open source project somewhere..

Maybe i'm thinking of a plugin available to Perl.. anyone able to read my mind?

It was a very interactive timeline like chart that you could pan left/right, etc..
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mirdeAuthor Commented:
I guess for graphing csv data which would create "many" data points (currently generating 30 data points per day, and trying to graph a month worth).

What is the best way to do this?

Annotated time-line might not be the best for this, maybe just a line graph?
Sure, line graph sounds best. The annotation is just an example of what it can do, for me the best feature there is the ability to zoom in and scroll along. For ~900 points per graph that'll probably be very useful.
mirdeAuthor Commented:
Never really played with API stuff, more of a tech admin here..

Any idea on how to pass many csv datapoints to google API and have it graphed?

I would imagine this would need to be done programatically.. any examples of that? or references to some good reads to get started on?
mirdeAuthor Commented:
Just the type of graph I am looking for.
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