Exchange 2010: OWA not accessible externally, internal access works ok.

AMong the growing list of exchange 2010 issues that are coming up during this migration, I have a weird one: I can access my email by these two ways:

https://localhost/owa shows the IIS7 screen in the browser.

I cannot access it by the
HELP lol!!!!
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Get in touch with the ISP to point the your public IP to the public OWA URL.
Have you set-up port 443 redirection through your router?
EZTEKAuthor Commented:
Yes. I have a rule for 80,443,25 allowable from ANY:EXTERNAL to NAT EXTERNALIP-->INTERNALIP
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Is this a problem internally, externally, or both?  If internally, have you setup a DNS record internally for webmail to point to  
EZTEKAuthor Commented:
THis problem is externally.
ALl internal access works just fine.
I cannot access OWA via external HTTPS access.

EZTEKAuthor Commented:
this has got me stumped.

https://localhost/owa is the ONLY way to access my Exchange 2010 OWA site.

EZTEKAuthor Commented:
ok. Upon further rule updates in my firewall.. this is what I have done.

I have a Barracuda Spam Filter sitting in my DMZ. I created a rule that sends all SMTP (25) traffic to its IP.
Then, I configured another rule to only allow SMTP 25 traffic into my network from that IP.

I create a seperate rule to allow Port 443 (HTTPS) traffic to a NAT'd IP to my CAS server.

here is the remaining issue if someone can help:
I can now access my email by this method:
where is obviusly my public IP address.
I cannot access it by its common name (

Any suggestions?
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

- Check the port are open are not at

- Check the logs whether external OWA requests are hitting the router/firewall.

- Updated the firmware of the router.

Hope this helps,
EZTEKAuthor Commented:
Ok. Figured it out.
My DNS was incorrectly tagged by my ISP to read:
we changed it to read the and within 30 minutes.. VOILA.

THanks shreedhar.
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