K8N-DL with Dual Opteron 270's 2.01 GHz Dual Core - Virtualization

I have a K8N-DL with Dual Opteron on 270's 2.01 GHz Dual Core and I wanted to install 2008 Server with Hyper V. How can I tell if this server can support virtualization?
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The Opteron 270 doesn't support hardware virtualisation. A list of CPU features can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Opteron_microprocessors#Opteron_200-series_.22Italy.22_.28E6.2C_90_nm.29

Unfortunately, none of the socket 940 CPU's support virtualisation. So this will have to be a CPU / Mobo upgrade if you want to run Hyper-V


I agree try esx 3.5
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