auto matic backup mysql table

please suggest the method to back up my sql automatic ly to flash drive or another server
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If you are in a *nix environment, write a cronjob to run at the times you want, get it to mysqldump the databases you need, tar them up (optional) then either scp them to another server or cp them to the flash drive.
theGhost_k8Database ConsultantCommented:
You may also use MySQL Gui Tools eg. administrator / workbench to schedule the autobackup.
Take backups using freeware tool SQLYog for MySQL. You can restore the backup as well.

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If backup files fall in folder in:

1) Windows: Write a .bat batch file to copy from here to flash drive/another server and schedule in Windows Scheduler or using AT command or even anti-virus scheduler OR using third party windows job scheduling tools

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2) UNIX/LINUX: Write a CRON job to schedule the copy of backups OR use third party tools

What is a cronjob, and how do I use it?
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Ioannis AnifantakisSoftware EngineerCommented:
Download the MySQL Admin, from mysql site (think its merged now in MySQL Workbench).
You can create a backup project on your desired schema from there and select whether or not you will simply want this project to backup immediately your DB, or you want it to perform scheduled backups.

On scheduled backups you can provide what days and what times you want your backups to be planed for, and the only thing you will be asked, is to provide your "windows username/password" for the automatic backup to take place.

Thats both easy and official from MySQL.
I think you need to take automatic backup. Right?. Ok then, follow the link

All you need to do is, write a PHP file that backup the DB. Configure it with cron job(if you're in *nix environment) and set the interval of its execution.It'll automatically take backup and store it under a user-specified directory. Thats it.
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