CUCM Conference bridge setup question !

Hi there,
just had this question that if I'm in a CUCM cluster where codec used is G.711 ... I now wish to add 3 ppl into call conference ... One using GSM (mobile phone), one on landline (PSTN) and another in a CM cluster using G.729 ... Can that be done using the CUCM-software based Call Conference Bridge or do I need a dedicated device for that ?
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cordeosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, you cannot do this.  You can connect multiple users in via VoIP or your PSTN line. Note that both the mobile phone and land line users would connect in via your PSTN pilot number attached to the conference bridge.  You can use either ad-hoc or meetme conf function on the CUCM basic conf bridge.  However you will need to have both your PSTN gateway and VoIP users all using G.711 codec.   If you want to support a conf systems with different endpoint codecs you will need to transpose each non G.711 codec to G.711.  The out-of-the-box CUCM does not provide for this and currently only supports G.711 streams.

Your best bet is to simply have the connection from your CM cluster VoIP phones to the conf bridge as G.711 not G.729.  Since most Cisco phones support multiple codecs on the handset endpoint, this is pretty easy to support (i.e. enforce G.729 between handsets or other devices, and G.711 when connected to the conf bridge).

Hope this helps.
hus1984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
the software CFB is for same Codec only if you have multiple Codecs you have to use Hardware CFB (it is a router with enough DSPs)
if your phone inside the cluster is talking G711 then the software will work.

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