Can I Copy a Printer Driver & Profile from One MacBook to Another?

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I have a client who splits his time up b/t California & NYC. He has a Black MacBook running OS X Tiger (10.4.11).

He recently bought a Wifi router for his NYC apartment and had his cousin come in and set it up, but it wasn't working properly so he had me come in to get the Wifi working, including setting up a HP OfficeJet 6500 e709n Wireless Printer.

I got everything working properly, but when the client looked at the Printer options, he asked me what happened to the entry for his Samsung ML-3050 printer which he uses at his place in CA. I never saw a Samsung ML-3050 listed as an option in the Print & Fax settings.

But now he is very concerned b/c he is flying out to CA on Sat and absolutely needs to be able to print to the Samsung ML-3050 and he has no idea where the installation CD is. In addition, he is not at all tech savy and has zero patience for dealing w/ technology.

His wife also has a MacBook (running Leopard 10.5.8) that does have the Samsung ML-3050 driver installed. So he wanted to know if it would be possible to simply copy the driver from her MacBook to his?

So I don't know? Is this feasible? I assume the driver has to be properly installed from a CD or Download, not simply copied from one computer to another.
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If the driver was there before and you didn't delete it, can't you attempt to add the printer by clicking on the + sign in the printer list and looking for it there?

The user may need to do this when on the network that contains the printer.


Thanks. Well, I definitely did not delete the driver, but my client's cousin may have done so.

And yes, I'm afraid that trying to add the driver back will only work in the presence of the Samsung ML-3050 printer which is located back in CA.

To further complicate things it's a wireless printer, so if the driver is no longer on the laptop and my client has to go through the setup from scratch, he will be totally overwhelmed.
No there is no file that can be moved from the other computer. (end of 125 point answer)

It is VERY unlikely that the driver was deleted. In Apple's parlance, you would simply say that the "printer" has been deleted.

What you can do to be prudent is to download the latest version of the driver from Samsung. Install the drivers. This will insure that he has the latest drivers are installed when he gets back to his Cali home. There is a good chance that when he goes to print that Print software will set up the "printer" for him and that everything will work automatically. If it doesn't work automatically, it is very easy to "add" the printer from here. You could talk him through it on the phone or if you are not familiar with the Mac then any Mac pro should be able to talk him through it in about 90 seconds. Having the latest driver installed will increase his chances of success.
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... and no, you can't add the printer when you are not connected to the printer.
Thanks for asking your question on the Expert's Exchange.

If you need the driver for the Samsung ML-3050 Printer for Mac OS X10.5.8 Leopard,
Here is a link that you can download the Mac OS X compatible driver from for this printer model:

Samsung ML-3050 Printer Driver (for Mac OS X 10.3-10.6)

If that link does not work, here is a public technical download folder I have created where you can download that specific packaged driver file:

MacTech Share

This appears to be a case of a simple driver update for the Samsung ML-3050 which is needed, but only running the updated driver on your Mac and testing it with the printer, to see if it discovers, will be the determining factor.

Let me know if this helps.




Thank you.

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