how to block a single user on out of office reply on microsoft outlook express


when i am putting "out of office reply" on Microsoft out look express  i should restricted some of user that they should not able to get  a auto reply from my out of office reply. Please suggest how to set it.  I have set  through status condition (from out of assistant option) and then click on set rule and then but it send an acknowledge to the user. Please suggest how to set it.

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Outlook Express does not provide an Out Of Office feature.  This is only available when using Outlook connected to an Exchange server.

You may be able to replicate it's features by reading the following article:
AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
Quick comment. Its Urgent
Use message filtering to capture and store the email before it gets to a point where you have the reply with message command. In this setup the application outlook express must be loaded, running and retrieving emails.
The same rule applies if the auto-reply setup is on the server. I.e. setup a server based rule that will end processing when an email from a particular email is received while will continue processing on other emails.

AJITPADHYAuthor Commented:
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