formatting XP ..restarts while formatting.... HP laptop

I am installing Win XP on my restarts while installation...Its HP DV5020 . I am not using the HP cd provided ..its a different Win XP cd..

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i suppose you mean the disk controller on the mobo.
you can test the controller with the disk diags.
find them here :
Hi ! there..please mention whether any error message is displayed prior to restart and at what stage does you get booted ... !
sdugarAuthor Commented:
It does not show any error message....

After loading driver files it restarts before reaching format option..
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mziterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most of the time it is because of either a bad hard drive or bad memory. It could be your motherboard, but is less likely.

If I were you I would test your memory (google MEMTEST and burn it to a cd on another computer)

If you have more than one stick of memory try pulling all but one out and then if it still happens switch it with the other(s)

If you can run a hard drive diagnostic (from CD or preloaded diag. partition from hp) run that and see if your hd is bad.
it can also overheating; check cpu temp in the bios, verify if fan runs, or replace cpu heatpaste
this can help for pinpointing the problem :
Sujith_NairConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ! well this may happen due to many reasons...2 major reasons and their possible solutions...

1. The CD you are providing may be an older version of XP prior to SP 1,2,3. In that case you need to create a XP installation CD by slipstreaming SP3 into it. It would always be better if you can format using your Original CD supplied with HP Laptop. The oldest version of XP installation CD may lack the proper Video/SATA drivers triggering the Boot.

2. There also exists a chance of a completely corrupted Hard Disk, either corrupted Partition tables or corrupted file structure or even a physical failure. In this case the installation fails to create a mirror image on the Hard disk prior installation, as its not properly accessible and readable. You may have to manually remove the Hard disk from laptop and connect it on some other machine(PC/Laptop) to detect the actual problem. Follow this step only when you are left with no other option.
 once you connect the drive to another PC, completely format and partition it as per your requirements. connect it back to your HP laptop and install from XP CD. Now it may install smoothly.

Hope this solves your problem. All the best!
Try to hear sound coming from laptop hard-disk. if you hear tick or click noise from hard disk possible hard disk actuator arm reset and causing restart your system when you installation tries to detect hard disk.
find the location of hard disk in laptop (normally located left down cornet of laptop),continue installation of xp and put the ear near the surface where hard disk is  located.
Darren SharplesSystems SpecialistCommented:
have you checked the sata emulation in the bios?  I think you can toggle between AHCI and IDE.  Whatever its set at, toggle it to the other option and try again
sdugarAuthor Commented:
A hardware guy says ID Reader is not do i confirm ...any diagnostic tool?!

plz note that restart happens when i try to format ....otherwise its working fine (i wanted to format coz it was getting slow.. )
i don't know an ID reader...
sdugarAuthor Commented:

The hardware guy says its motherboard controller is not wrking properly.

Its not the ID Reader.How to check it.Please suggest diagnostic tools.

sdugarAuthor Commented:
thanks for support!!
you're welcome
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