Invalid access to memory location

I have installed PHP & mysql on a windows 2003 server machine.
everything is fine except every now and then when I access a page,
I receive the following error in firefox and IE:
Invalid access to memory location.

Restarting IIS 6 will solve the problem, but willl receive the same error
a while later.

Any kind of help to fix this problem is much appreciated.

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UmopepisdnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This problem can be caused by permissions errors on paths referenced in php.ini.  Make sure the user IIS is accessing files have sufficient permissions to read directories you've specified on variables like these:

an easiest fix to this problem would be to use CGI-BIN instead of ISAPI module .
Try upgrading the PHP (you havent stated your php version though )
MnInShdwAuthor Commented:
Sorry I was away from my PC fro a while.

PHP version is 5.2.11
For some reasons I prefer to use ISAPI until I upgrade the server's OS to 2008.

I changed the permissions on C:\Windows\Temp and will wait for a while to see if the problem is over.

thank you
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MnInShdwAuthor Commented:
Million thanks
MnInShdwAuthor Commented:
It seems that the problem is gone.
Million thanks for your help.
Happy to help :)
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